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    Address. 80,093 support, the Kingdom of Bahrain
    Phone. 17627204
    Fax. 17627205
    E-mail. shahad_g@hotmail.com

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    Our Services

    • Constructions

    • Constructions

    • Interior Design

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    About Us

    Interior designs are not just coordination of colors and equipment

    Interior Design is not just a choice of colors and equipment, but is in harnessing the physical and spiritual needs and social customers, through attention to the technical and aesthetic at the same time.
    We saw Galeries care about your needs and your goals, and we are keen to be in a safe and ideal environment alike.

    Dye art in the hands of a skilled

    Of great importance in the colors give the environment a beautiful luster affect the artistic value, and since time immemorial human realized the importance of color in his life, and his life became not devoid of color. We saw Galeries We have everything you need in the world of color, through the use of the hands of an experienced worker in the work of dyeing and paintings.

    Add a touch of luxury to your home

    Characterized by its attractive form gypsum and its high quality, also gives a touch of luxury homes, and you deserve welfare and excellence continues with us, so Nbhrk all that is new in the world of the bishop.

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